Fabrizio Ludini
  • Legal Advisor and Managing Partner of Victoria Realty Management Srl is also a founding partner of Ludini law firm – a professional association. He has a significant twenty-year expertise in banking and financial law, with focus in the management activity (judicial and out-of-court) of substantial suffering debts portfolios and UTP; he also plays the role of advisor for several banks (GBV of suffering managed about 2 billion euros), due diligences and/or evaluations in the acquisitions operations of corporate and retail real estate portfolios, and in the field of securitization operations.
  • Since 2016 he has been working on sales operations of single names (NPLs and UTP) for prime banking institutions in favor of primary national and international investors (amount sold about 1.5 billion euros).
  • He has been carrying out assistance and consultancy activities to support banks in the field of “business crises”, having worked and still working on some of the most important procedures of extraordinary administration (Cirio, Parmalat, Nuova Alitalia, Condotte).
  • Fabrizio Ludini graduated with honors in Law from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.